Void Space: Written by Michael Rawlin Adkins in 1989. Shelved until 1992 when it was rewritten for the band St. Vidas Dance to play live. Re written again in 2010 using modern technology.

Banished to Pangea: Written by Michael Rawlin Adkins in 1999 for the album Evolution fo a Party of One

Caught in the Cog of Life: Written by Michael Rawlin Adkins in 1989. Shelved until 2013 when it was re written in 2010 using modern technology.

Garden of Circles: Written by Michael Rawlin Adkins in 1999 for the album Evolution fo a Party of One

Medulla Oblongata: Written by Michael Rawlin Adkins in 1997 for the album Equal Reaction

Invocaine: Written by Michael Rawlin Adkins in 2011.




































Synema began In the early 1990s as "Xitout", a progressive rock trio. The band concentrated on playing strictly original eclectic Prog. The members of the band were: Shawn Birch: Bass Guitar, Scott Gunderson: Drums, and Steve Nellessen: Guitar and Vocal.

The band played regularly throughout the summer of 1991. When Scott left Xitout to join It Is This Big in the spring of 1992, auditions were held, and percussionist Michael Rawlin Adkins was awarded the job. The band went on an intense music writing and gigging spree under the name Exit. Michael directed the groups sound into a more synthetic and intricate style. In the winter of 1992 the group hired an agent who convinced the band to play more cover music in order to secure steadier work. The band reluctantly agreed and ended up playing more covers in their shows than any respectable progressive rock band would like to admit. Exit played the bar scene until the strain of cover tunes began to rock the foundation of the band. In late 1995, the band breathed new life into itself with an overhaul and a name change to Synema. The band continued writing rehearsing and gigging until the spring of 1996 when it was decided that Synema, should go on hiatus indefinitely.

Steve and Michael rejoined in the winter of 1998 to record and complete the CD entitled, Equal Reaction however, the project was plagued with problems and the CD never made it off the ground.

Steve and Michael rejoined again in 2000 to record evolution for a party of one (code named E4APO1). Unlike Equal Reaction, E4APO1 was a surprise, receiving great reviews and selling very well. Michael suggested taking the music on the road to get a broader fan base. Auditions were held but before a band could be assembled, Steve Nellessen decided to leave the project to pursue a career in the club circuit playing cover music. That was the demise of Synema as a band.

In 2011, Michael made the decision to go solo and to revitalize the Synema name with some exciting new music and a new CD but an accident and injury forced him to put off the project for a few more years. Michael never stopped writing music during his recovery which gave him the jump on the new Synema project. In early 2013 Michael went to work recording and designing a new website for the Synema Music Project. SMP is a refreshing new project with a familiar name. Headed by Michael Rawlin Adkins and featuring a consortium of guest musicians The Synema Music Project features electro acoustic progressive music with a cinematic flair.

And the story continues.